Party Poppin' Robot Stompin'

and The Candy-Verse Collision

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All was well. No, all was Party Poppin awesome!

In a year that is irrelevant, and in a galaxy of irrelevant location, the party lovin' planet dwellers treated every moment like it was Friday night. Music cranked, feet occasionally making contact with the ground, and all smiles present and accounted for.

..Then the party pooping bad guys came. The Fowl Robot Army.

Those boring rotten eggs have to many rules. Shutting down party generators, they have stolen the party from the land. No more party music. No more disco lights.

The heroes last defense is to try the dangerous and untested Quantum Entangler to send the Fowl Robot Army to another dimension,

but an irresponsible, over zealous game narrator rushes to start the quantum entanglement, and spills her soda on the molecular scanner

Instead of expelling the Fowl Robots, the planet is now entangled with the Candy-Verse.

Both the laws of physics, and stable blood sugar levels thrown are out the window. The battle is on to keep the Party Generators running, hold off the forces of the Fowl Robot army, and restore party to the land.

Help Train, Hotdog, Starla, and Snowman to defeat the Fowl Robot Army

and restore party to the land using the power of music, quantum, and some of the weirdest weapons imaginable. No really, one of the weapons is a hot dog fart! Have you ever tried to kill a party poopin' robot with a hot dog fart?

Join players of all ages and skill levels in this wild-west shooting,

ketchup launching, fire breathing, pickle slice slapping game. Hey, if push comes to shove, launch your own snowman head if need be, but push these yolk-minded Party Poopers back to whatever boring hole they came from.

Rev your engines and load you're quantum candy cannons in this open-world, action-adventure and strategy game, because these heroes live to be

(wait for it)...

Party Poppin' Robot Stompin'.

Ready. Set. Play.



From dusty desert dunes, to coral encrusted under sea bases and candy filled tropics, fight to restore the party in the most breathtaking and scenic locations video game technology has to offer.



"And we introduce to you" some of the most powerful, crazy, wackball characters to debut on Linux, Windows and Consoles in years!



Technologically enhanced toy train


Howdy partners,

Train is the rootinest tootinest

gunslinger ya ever did see.

His arsenal includes

6 shooters, rocket boosters,

and wings so that he can fly.



Egotistical yolk minded party pooper


Those Rotten Eggs!

Along with his other tyrannical and oppressive rotten egg comrades, these ruthless terrorists have occupied the land and expelled all joy from it's borders.


Party Poppin' Robot Stompin' is being developed in Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5'. Allowing it to take full advantage of all the ground breaking new features available to video games. Making it one of the first games to be developed in the new engine.

  • Genres: Open-world, Multi player, Action, Adventure, Survival, Strategy.

  • Platform: Linux, Windows, Consoles.


Behind the Scenes

Be the first to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the development of Party Poppin' Robot Stompin'.

In other words, things that are not done, but we still thought they were cool and wanted to show you! Please enjoy.



Gallop through the galaxy with this star sprinkled, lasso swingin' space cowgirl.

'In Production'



He will send shivers up your spine, and his own, because he has a chilling habit of tossing his own non consenting head, into the wintry war.

'In Production'