About Us

We are your "Over-caffeinated, slightly irresponsible, shouldn't have been left alone with this idea, but awesomely creative and dashingly likeable"
Game Studio


What do you get when you cross a gray haired old graphics nerd who turned down Hollywood job offers to start his own company and a competitive-tap-dancer-turned-music composer who reads international law to relax?

A bunch of child prodigy video game developers of course!

What if your “normal” was learning computer programming at age 10? Then maybe you'd be one of the young, super-skilled, nuts-creative Doogie Howsers working at Fowl Robot Army.

This multi generational game studio has the perfect blend of fresh, young, creative ideas mixed with experienced tech veterans and long serving industry professionals.

With a that team has over 70 years of experience in the media and entertainment industries. Our game engineers are creating some of the most powerful, crazy, wackball characters to debut on in years. Our team is united in delivering you pure awesomeness and fun, despite their differing view of lense flares. Some loving as much lens flare as you can possibly have, and some seriously hating lens flare with a passion. (No, really, this is a VERY real debate.)

Our songs are catchy. No really, they will be stuck in your head the same way that lens flares get burnt into your eye balls...

Well, ok that's bad, but our songs are the same, but in a good way.  LOOK, we didn't hire a professional "About Us" writing person. We eat pizza, we make kick-butt-awesome video games, and we nurture and grow the finest of innovative and fun ideas to give people a refuge from the troubles of life (oh, this is getting too sappy, My boss said to make this fun), hold on...

We bring you the finest, the funnest (if you just corrected our grammar, you REALLY need to play our games!) most unwinding, enjoyable games targeted to de-stress and unwind the most uptight and stressed out of all individuals who are brave enough to survive days in real life, but still wish that a hot dog could kick the yolk out of a robot, and they somehow got to be part of it.

Our sentences are too long. We reference inside jokes in big corporate business meetings. We are those who shouldn't have made it. But here we are.

Welcome to Fowl Robot Army.

Ready. Set. Play.