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Get behind the controls in this
open world, Action-Adventure, game.

Join players in candy filled, online multiplayer missions to restore party to the land and defeat the party poopin' Fowl Robot Army, using the wackiest arsenal of candy, music, and quantum entangled weapons you have ever seen.



Technologically enhanced toy train

Howdy partners, He's the rootinest tootinest gunslinger ya ever did see. His arsenal includes 6 shooters, rocket boosters, and wings so that he can fly. (Uh, why else would he have wings?)


Numpty Dumpty

Egotistical yolk minded party pooper

Along with his other tyrannical and oppressive rotten egg comrades, these sunny-side down terrorists have occupied the land and expelled all joy from it's borders.


Behind the Scenes

Be the first  (well ok, only one of you can truly be "the first".)  to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the development of Party Poppin' Robot Stompin'

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